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How does Workout Fitness Timer work? 25. February 2014

The idea is to have a more intensive training. Like the principle of the classic circuit training you can use the app for almost every sports. The effect is, on one hand, that you do the exercise as long as the timer runs. Especially beginners incline to stop when it is getting exertive. On the other hand the rest period between the exercises most people extend.

Extremely efficient is, start doing “supersets”. 3, 4, 5 exercises after another. That is in particular interesting for intermediates and pros.

There are nameless possibilities for using Workout Fitness Timer. Here are some examples to give you an idea:

  • circuit training: you are doing several exercises in a row e.g. 45 sec. exercise, 15 sec. pause, the whole thing 4 times
  • running with time interval: 30 sec. sprint, 2 min. endurance, the whole issue 8 times
  • boxing with spar partner or sandbag: 2 minutes boxing, 1 minutes pause, 5 rounds
  • you are doing stepper, cross trainer or cycling with climactic interval, set 12 repetitions with each 5 min. and no pause
  • how about tabatas? 20 sec. exercise, 10 sec. pause, 8 times
  • you want to do alternating exercises in football, soccer, tennis or any other sports? no problem: just set time, pause and repetitions and start!

The best is, with the sound control and optional music-setting you can use the app without looking at it. Just set the pre counter, lock the iPhone, pocket it and begin. But also the opposite is a great thing: place the iPhone at a place where it is good to see. With the digital display and the big letters it is quite good to read from some distance.

You can choose your favorite music playlist directly in the app. And in addition it gives you the choice to select a pause music.

Another nice feature is the approximately calculation (via MET) of the calories you burn during your workout. There is a range of different sports to choose from. The statistics can — at the moment — only be viewed online on our website So this is actually work in progress, but we assure all the data is stored, even if you have to quit during a workout, and even if some of the data is not shown yet. Give us some time to improve that!

Have fun using the app and feel free to post your feedback, how you are using the app or what should be improved!

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If you want to loose wait, renounce sugar! 19. February 2014

Not matter if you use white or brown sugar, all of them mix up your blood glucose level. Directly after you eat sugar containing food, your level of blood glucose escalates and rushes down quicker as you imagine. The only effect is: you get tired and you whet your appetite. Sugar does not contain a thing. no minerals, no vitamins, nothing! It only prevents you from reducing wait!

If you need some sweetener, take natural ones, like apple, pear or agve syrup, also stevia is ok, if  it is not mixed with sugar.

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Welcome Fitness Fan! 18. February 2014

In our blog we inform you about our apps und their functions. We are going to explain exercises and training techniques. And another important thing for your workout: healthy nutrition. Our focus is on sportive activities to get fit, stay fit, reduce weight and simply having fun with sports and balanced diet — from the fitness newcomer to the pro, who wants to exercise more efficient.

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