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What is BETAworkout?

Why circuit training?
Circuit training is a method of fitness training in which a combination of exercises is put together. Dependent on the workout time and the work to rest ratio you can aim for different goals. Because of the incomplete resting time your cardiovascular system will improve along with your physical capacity. The combination of different exercises allows for an effective training in a short amount of time. By changing the interval time, the difficulty of the exercises and the speed during the workout you can adjust the difficulty to your own fitness level.

Why body weight exercises?
Training with your own bodyweight offers a variety of advantages to you. First and foremost it is the most independent form of training. No matter if you are at home, on the road or outdoors, you can always exercise. You are not dependent on overpriced machines, a timetable or a gym membership.

Bodyweight training doesn't isolate specific muscle groups but rather integrates them into more complex movements. This will enable you to move better, get stronger and burn more calories in your training sessions.

Due to the many different variations and progressions your training will stay diversified and challenging. It will keep you motivated while you have fun.